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Our portable, commercial and residential solar packages use two primary types of solar inverters. They rely on either micro-inverters fixed to each solar panel or string inverters to convert the energy from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). Contact our team today for more information on our solar inverters.

Solar Inverter

Budget Solar Inverter

The best budget Solar Inverter on the market is the Growatt Solar Inverter. At Adelaide’s Electrical and Solar Solutions every Solar Inverter we sell is backed by an Instant Replacement Guarantee on all Solar Inverter warranty claims! 

Solar Inverter

Intermediate Solar Inverter

The Sungrow Solar Inverter is the perfect inverter for someone looking for the a mid-range Solar Inverter. Our intermediate range of Inverters are covered by our 110% ‘Call Me Crazy’ Guarantee making every purchase better than Risk Free!

Solar Inverter

Premium Solar Inverter

When looking for premium Solar Inverters, the Fronius Solar Inverter is the undisputed leader of high-end Inverters on the Australian market. If you have any problems with our premium Solar Inverters, we replace them no questions asked or they are free.

About Solar Inerters

Solar inverters convert the direct current (DC) that your solar panels produce into alternating current (AC) so you could use it as an electricity in your home.

The team at Adelaide’s Electrical and Solar Solutions offer two primary types of solar inverters: micro-inverters and string inverters.

What’s the difference? A String Inverter is one large inverter that will convert the current generated from a string of Solar Panels.  A Micro Inverter is simply a miniaturised inverter that serves an individual solar panel. We have created a list for you to figure out the best type of solar inverter for your solar project.


  • Uses Series Circuit
  • Best option if your solar panel is facing in one direction and you have minimal shading problems.
  • Efficient cost  at one time purchase as you will only need one or two string inverters on each residential solar installation.


  • Use Parallel Circuit

  • Best use if your solar panel is facing multiple angles or if your house is prone to shading from trees or chimneys.

  • Expanding the system is easier as micro inverter pair can be easily added.

In addition, while both are useful depending on what you need at home, we have also listed its disadvantages for each type so you could further see the difference.

  • Because string inverters uses series circuit, it gives the exact same amount of electricity from the most reduced electricity panel to all panels so this can be a disadvantage if your roof is made up of numerous small areas or if you have shading issues.
  • On the other hand, micro inverters function in a parallel circuit and is installed under each of your solar panel therefore costs more than string inverters.
  • While string inverters cost less on your first purchase, you only need one or two of them for your whole solar power system making it more difficult and costly for future expansion whereas micro inverter can be easily added individually.
  • String inverters can be monitored as one whole system but it’s harder to see if there are panel performance problems.

Overall, the biggest factors in choosing a solar inverter for your solar panel system depends on your budget, location and personal preference. Thomas and the team are dedicated and willing to assist you on what your home really needs!

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